Case Conference: Transplant Rejection
6 April 2015
CNW+NanoDDS 2020 Symposium Announcement
22 June 2020


UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy


The PharmD curriculum within the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy underwent a transformative restructuring in 2015, during which the entire course load was reimagined to utilise a “flipped classroom” model. This model tasks students with studying material normally transmitted during in-class time on their own and taking part in practical application of that knowledge through hands-on, group work and discussion with instructors and peers in the classroom. To facilitate this approach, large portions of the course material had to be translated into approachable, instructive modules for students to study and review at home. The Chymotrypsin Cleavage Learning Module, an essential process within the body, is an example of this approach.


Creative Director, designer, modeller, animator, editor